Zetagradnja as investor and builder of its facilities , is primarily engaged in the construction of residential buildings . Our offer is mainly based on market requirements . We are testing and selecting new materials and equipment , both domestic and international manufacturers . Our product is subordinated to the demands of customers . The structure and quality of the residential units are intended for all market segments , from high luxury penthouses in exclusive areas of Podgorica and the Montenegrin coast , to affordable units of standard quality in areas outside the city center.


Beside the apartments , the main product Zetagradnja are business spaces . Locations and size Zetagradnja facilities are a good prerequisite for a successful business , whether you are a small retailer , large chain supermarkets , clinic , restaurant or even a bank . Many public and international institutions and companies operating under the roof Zetagradnja facilities . Also , Zetagradnja has experience in construction of shopping centers ( a very modern and luxurious shopping mall ” Pyramid ” in the center of Mostar ) , hotel ( Condo Hotel in Petrovac ) and restaurants ( restaurant Dali estate Knjaz ).


Zetagradnja aslo build underground parking spaces, often on several levels, thus solve the lack of parking spaces . Garages are made by modern standards , ensuring optimal functionality and most importantly , safety ( anti -fire protection , smoke extraction and ventilation , access ).


Zetagradnja alo provides services to other entities . Our major project for other investors was the reconstruction of the main square in Podgorica ( Republic Square ) , the main and it side streets in the city center ( ul. Slobode , Bokeška , Vučedolska etc . ) , a series of smaller park areas, city fountains, truck and customs terminal with over 300 parking spaces and a range of supporting facilities in the function of the terminal . Special attention is paid to Zetagradnja high quality and modern interior design in their facilities . The young and creative staff of the company is very successfully edited interiors of penthouses , embassies , Telenor’s office building , culture centers , Lovcen bank , restaurants , and many other smaller commercial spaces .

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