the our website ! Our company is recognized as one of the leading construction companies in Montenegro , where we are operating for 17 years.
Zetagradnja results are excellent and every year a large number of parameters considerably exceed the planned figures . A good image also contributes to a our results, and knowing that information is one of the main resources of the modern era we decided to create a brand new website , which aims to be a quality service to future customers .
Our site is designed with the aim to give you as much information about our company , our services and products . You’re more than welcome to find out about our completed projects , projects that are in progress and yet to come ,our offers, urrent events and how to contact us .

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“Very high quality construction gives a sense of security and comfort . I think that ,Zetagradnja, on this point , is the best on the market.”
Matija Radenović, tenant, City kvart 2
“I think that the location and the interior of my working space greatly contribute to the success of my company. “
Milica Čađenovič, business owner

Our production chain


Architects and engineers of ” Zetagradnja ” projecte all phases of the project in accordance with the Detailed Urban Plan and Urban technical requirements of the location.


After the development , the main project passes the review process, and if it meets the standards and regulations , the project gains the building permit and is ready for construction .


Civil engineers supervise the construction of the building , guaranteeing quality , deadlines and compliance with the issued Permit of building and Main project .


After the completion of works is carried out technical approval . If the building meets all technical criteria prescribed by main project,it receives the Use Permit .


Use permit and Registration of the building , are the conditions for the handover of the property to buyers who signed a contract and settled all obligations to ” Zetagradnja ” .

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